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Lymphatic Drainage


by Patricia Blanco, Endermologue

Venous insufficiency is one of the most common chronic conditions in developed countries. It is characterized by poor circulation of blood in the veins, causing heavy legs, swelling (especially in the ankles), pain, varicose veins, cramps or itching...

A feeling of heavy legs, especially at the end of the day;
Pins and needles or an overwhelming need to move the legs;
Nighttime muscle cramps;
Edema, most often characterized by swelling of the calves, ankles or feet;

Venous insufficiency refers to any dysfunction of the circulation, on the return path of blood from the lower limbs to the heart.

Why the lower limbs? Simply because of gravity. Imagine: getting the blood from the toes to the heart, going against gravity, does not happen naturally ... This is why venous insufficiency mainly affects the legs: this is where the blood tends to stagnate, causing pain, dilation of the veins and edema.

A malfunction of these valves generates blood stagnation which can be aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, heat, hormonal changes…

Blood Circulation


1/ Regularly benefit from Patricia BLANCO medical endermologie ® treatments

2/ Adopt a healthy and well-balanced diet

3/ Engage in regular and soft physical activity

4/ Drink a lot of water (1.5 liters per day)

5/ Avoid tight-fitting clothes and overheated places.

Specialized treatment by expert Patricia Blanco

Delivered by a patented medical device,
medical Endermologie® gently mobilizes the tissue to stimulate the venous and lymphatic
circulation while limiting the risk of edema.
Very pleasant, this treatment provides immediate and lasting relief.
The pain fades away, the legs feel lighter for more comfort.

Viracose Veins
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