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In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: stimulating dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all unaesthetic manifestations (wrinkles, sagging skin, localized resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more).

The mechanical stimulation of cells, called endermologie®, thus reactivates their awakening naturally and painlessly.

Using the new exclusive Alliance patent which combines motorized roll and flap, the endermologie® technique delivers a more intense and precise, yet pleasant stimulation to the skin surface in order to reactivate natural physiological processes in-depth:

  • Restore fluid flow

  • Accelerate vascularization

  • Stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production

  • Stimulate natural lipolysis


Release fat

With the new patented Alliance treatment head, endermologie® makes it possible to target and slim specific areas resistant to diet and exercise (arms, back, stomach, waist, thighs, etc.) while precisely adapting to the needs of each type of skin

Smooth cellulite

Cellulite, which affects 90% of women (even the thinnest and most athletic), is the result of both fat storage in adipocytes (fat cells) and of water retention in the body.


a unique mastery of the machine by a therapist who has more than 15 years of experience

Before and After surgery

Before the operation, the medical endermologie® technique helps prepare and soften skin tissue to limit side effects and complications, facilitate the procedure, and thus maximize surgery’s success. After the operation, the treatment’s draining effect allows edema and bruises from the surgery to be resorbed more quickly. Simultaneously, the LPG treatment head stimulates the cells of the dermis (fibroblasts) so as to restore skin suppleness and elasticity, promote healing and recover range of motion. This natural, painless treatment has no side effects

Before and After Baby

Since it is 100% natural, the treatment stands out as an effective, non-drug solution for treating heavy leg and water retention problems caused by the pressure of the uterus on the surrounding blood vessels. Known for its draining effect, it stimulates the elimination functions as well as venous and lymphatic circulation, mobilizing nearly one liter of water* for an immediate feeling of well-being.

Medical endermologie® helps you to get your pre-baby figure back. The different settings of the LPG treatment head release localized fat (+70%*), even the most resistant to physical exercise and diet. In addition to its slimming action, the medical endermologie® treatment jump-starts natural collagen and elastin production to smooth cellulite (even on fibrous areas) and firm sagging skin caused by the baby’s growth. A comprehensive treatment to redefine your figure!

In order to benefit from the treatments, wait until your period has resumed (two regular cycles)


The medical endermologie® technique’s draining and defibrosing properties allow scars and burn scars to be painlessly worked on at an early stage. First, it helps to eliminate waste so as to effectively drain the tissue and prevents the formation of scar adherences related to fibrosis. Next, this treatment stimulates natural collagen and elastin production to improve the healing process in order to ease pain and restore mobility.

Thanks to medical endermologie® sessions, it is possible to work on all kinds of scars and to prevent the need for additional surgery.

- Recent scars still showing signs of inflammation
- Old scars
- Surgical or traumatic scars
- Burns, even after skin grafts
- Post-caesarean
- Scleroderma


Care also adapted to men

sports recovery, soothe muscle tension or others. Protocols also adapted to men according to their needs and diagnosis of our expert


Lighten legs

Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs or swollen feet and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins build up in the organism, which explains such volume fluctuations over the course of a single day or throughout a woman’s cycle.

Firm the skin

Due to weight fluctuations, pregnancies, passing time, and other factors, the skin gradually loses its tonicity and suppleness. Even though this skin sagging affects the entire body, certain areas are more susceptible to it: inner thighs, stomach, arms, etc

for woman and man

Body treatment protocol by Patricia Blanco

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